Who manages reduction, he rules the World

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When Niels Bohr tried to prove to Albert Einstein that the laws of the microcosm are probabilistic, Einstein put forward such an objection: “I do not believe that God plays dice.”

Which world is easier to control: Newtonian, deterministic, or quantum, unpredictable?

It is impossible to manage the deterministic world, remaining unnoticed. After all, in such a world everything is predetermined in advance. Therefore, any interference from outside will violate any laws. It will be possible to “calculate” the interference for such a violation.

Quite another matter is the quantum world (this is the world in which we live). Such a world can be managed. AND ANYBODY WILL NOT SEE ANYTHING!

Consider this in a simple example.

In the Newtonian deterministic world, either an event A or event B can occur. Suppose an event A will occur. If one “intervenes” and replaces the event A with B, then this will contradict the laws of physics. Such interference will be noticed upon closer examination.

In the quantum world, an event A (say, a probability of 90%) and a less likely event B (probability 10%) can occur. But one can always intervene and at the last moment replace A with B. Even with the most careful consideration such interference will not be noticed. Yes, there was an unlikely event B. But it could happen? Yes, it could. Everything is within the law.

Moreover, one can even intervene and replace events A and B by event C. Its probability was 0.01%. No one seriously considered it. But when it happened, they looked and concluded: unlikely, but possible. Everything is within the law.

If you just try, you can easily perform a miracle: to collect a chain of unlikely events which will lead to the desired result. The result looks improbable and wonderful, but on closer examination it turns out that again everything is within the law.

It is also easy to manage a man. At the same time, it is possible to control “gently”, slightly changing the probabilities of his quantum states, thus pushing to the right decision. You can also control “hard” doing reduction to a certain quantum state, depriving a person of freedom of choice.

Everyone has free will. In making a decision, he causes the reduction of quantum states of the body to a desired state. A man can control the reduction of quantum states of his body, and therefore he can MANAGE his body.

If someone can control the reduction of world quantum states, then he can control the whole world and so that no one will notice anything.

Vasily Yanchilin

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