Fundamentals of system-structural philosophy. Psychophysics of Man

Bugayev, Scientists about my discoveries

In 2015, the book Fundamentals of system-structural philosophy. Psychophysics of Man by Alexander Bugaev was issued. In the book the author discusses the ideas of Vasily Yanchilin.

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Researcher, Institute of Problems of Modeling in Power Engineering named after G.E.Pukhov of NAS of Ukraine, Kiev.


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Download pages of the book with a discussion of the theory by Vasily Yanchilin (in Russian):

Основы системно структурной философии. Отдельные страницы

Pages of the book with a discussion of the theory by Vasily Yanchilin

Title page

Alexander Bugaev

Basics of system-structural philosophy. Psychophysics of the person



Page with output data

УДК 113/119

ББК 87

Б 90

Bugaev A.F.

Fundamentals of system-structural philosophy. Psychophysics of man. – K., 2015. – 419 p.

Page 72

2. The explosion never creates rotating structures that are characteristic of space objects. The problem of rotation is unsolvable for dogmatic, academic physics from the standpoint of its paradigm. If the primary medium for the singular point was emptiness, then the real fragments from the explosion must fly straight and forever, nothing hinders them. If the primary medium is not empty, but filled, how did this affect the explosion? What determines the rotation of celestial bodies – planets, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies? Why parts of Cosmos rotate, and the observed Cosmos, the so-called Metagalaxy, as a whole, does not rotate, but moves like a stream [Yanchilin, p. 170-171]?

Page 86

Further there are absurdity, illogicality, and incoherence with facts in cosmology. When an unprejudiced physicist from other brunch of science begins to be interested in the origin of galaxies and stars, he is shocked: “The erupting hypothesis of the origin of spiral arms seems so simple and natural that I immediately believed in it, although it was contrary to everything I read about the origin of galaxies… Is it possible that all modern theories of the origin of galaxies are fundamentally wrong? In fact, it turns out that galaxies are formed not as a result of gravitational compression of discharged gas masses, but as a result of eruptive processors in its core: a super dense substance is thrown out of a nucleus of a galaxy, which then decomposes into stars and gas.

Why do cosmologists for decades develop incorrect theories about the origin of galaxies and do not notice the obvious truth? They did not see pictures of galaxies? I was in bewilderment and confusion” [Yanchilin, pp. 7-8].

Of course, they have seen it, dear Vasily Leonidovich! But they do this for the following reasons: 1) ignorance of logic and inability to think – once around a star (galaxy) there is a gas cloud, it means it was formed from a cloud! Cause and effect are rearranged; 2) ignoring or not knowing the facts – gravity cannot create a spin! 3) You specify the third reason: “The basic postulate of the new cosmogony concept is a hypothesis of super dense, massive bodies, and according to the general theory of relativity such bodies must be black holes and, therefore, cannot decay into parts” [Yanchilin, p. 49].

Page 132


Yanchilin VL. Erupting Universe. How did galaxies form and why do they rotate? – Moscow: New Center, 2006. – 223 p.

Page 139

There is a large-scale flow of galaxies, “It turned out that not only our local group of galaxies and the small groups that are closest to it, but the entire local super cluster of galaxies, including a giant cluster in the constellation of the Virgin, moves at a great speed relative to the microwave background… towards the next in remoteness supercluster located in the constellation of Hydra and Centaurus… (which) itself moves relative to the microwave background at a speed even greater than the speed of the Local Group, and therefore is not suitable for the role of the Great Attractor. In addition, it was found that other superclusters located in the area of hundreds of light years also move at a high velocity relative to the microwave background in approximately the same direction” [Yanchilin, p. 170-171];

Emissions from the nuclei of galaxies form satellites of galaxies, as evidenced by trains of gas and stars from the nuclei to satellites (example is the galaxy M51 – Whirlpool);

“The Milky Way and the Andromeda Nebula revolve in almost the same plane, but in opposite directions, and this also indicates their common origin” [Yanchilin, p.124];

Page 143

The Sun and planets arose as a result of decompression of pre-stellar superdense material (VA. Ambartsumian and his school, VL. Yanchilin);

Page 179


Yanchilin V.L. Erupting Universe. How did galaxies form and why do they rotate? – Moscow: The New Center, 2006. – 223 p.

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