Heuristic function of intuition as a form of cognition in rational cosmology

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The collection of scientific papers of the International Scientific and Technical Conference Perspective Information Technologies, 2018, held from April 14 – 16, 2018 in the Samara National Research University contains the report of Arthur Eduardovich Bakhmetiev Heuristic function of intuition as a form of cognition in rational cosmology. The author discusses the theory by Vasily Yanchilin.

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Bakhmetev Artur Eduardovich – full-time postgraduate student of the Philosophy Department, Samara National Research University. E-mail: arthurbakhmetiev1993@gmail.com

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Эвристическая функция интуиции как формы познания в рациональной космологии

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The collection of scientific papers includes the reports of the International Scientific and Technical Conference “Perspective Information Technologies – 2018″, which took place from April 14 – 16, 2018 at the Samara National Research University.

The collection includes the actual problems of the creation of automated systems of scientific research, intellectual information systems, information security technologies, information technologies in medicine, high-performance computing information technologies, telecommunications, information technologies in transport, training methods and computer training programs, modeling and analysis of complex technical systems, philosophy of artificial intelligence.

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ISBN 978-5-93424-817-9

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Samara National Research University, 2018

Page 1343

Philosophy of artificial intelligence and transhumanism

A.E. Bahmetyev

Heuristic function of intuition as a form of cognition in rational cosmology

(Samara University)

Page 1344

2. In the logical type of truth, the world is positioned through a relationship of difference. But we can understand this only thanks to intuition, which in this type of truth has such a property as free becoming. We can find scientific intuition in the theory of the “Exploding Universe” of the Russian physicist VL. Yanchilin.

Page 1345

 [5] means Yanchilin’s monograph

The Universe originated from a superdense object, which, during the explosion, disintegrated into the same superdense objects. This process is repeated. Yanchilin determined the age of the Universe using the expression T = 2/3H. If we define it through the Hubble constant, then a contradiction arises. It is that the age of the Universe obtained is less than the theoretical age of the old star clusters. But the introduction of the λ-term in Einstein’s equation allows determining the age of the Universe, since “due to the additional repulsive force between galaxies, the age of the Universe will not be determined by the expression” [5, p 222.], cited above. Thus, for a certain value of the Hubble constant, one can use a value of the λ-term that would allow doing the age of the Universe arbitrarily large. In the logical type of truth, the “intuition of the idea” is realized, since the basis of this type of truth is another proposition, the truth of which is logical.

Page 1346

5.Yanchilin V.L. The Quantum theory of gravity. – Moscow: Editorial URSS, 2002. – p 256.

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