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In 2011, the Publishing House “Knigi po Trebovaniyu” published a book by Sergei Ivanovich Sukhnos Metacivilization. In this book, the author mentions Vasily Yanchilin’s book. ISBN: 978-5-458-05721-9

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Sukhonos Sergey Ivanovich: candidate of technical sciences (PhD), general director of the company “Rus-Atlant”, director of the Institute of Large Harmony of the Trinitarian Academy.

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Sukhonos S.I.

Metacivilization / SI. Sukhonos. – Moscow: Kniga po Trebovaniyu, 2011. – 448 p. – (Mankind, from the past to the future).

The history of mankind is perceived today as a kaleidoscopic set of disparate events. The author abandoned the traditional view of history as a set of random processes and, after conducting a thorough system analysis of the most famous civilizations (Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, Antiquity, Europe and Russia), discovered a kind of holistic and logical Plan, originally laid in the foundation of each listed cultures. The key role of the Russian civilization is shown, which is to create a new community of human cultures – a harmonious Metacivilization, in which both the forces of the West and the forces of the East will be represented.

Pages of the book with mention of the book of Vasily Yanchilin:

Page 94

[98] means Yanchilin’s book (see References)

For example, R. Feynman wrote, he can safely say that no one understands quantum mechanics (according to [98].) All this leads to the fact that modern physics finds our world “schizophrenic” [98, p. 137 ].

Page 96

[98] means Yanchilin’s book (see References)

In short, the hidden mass is a substance unknown to science [98, p.220], which implies that about 30% of the total matter of the Universe (10 times larger than the ordinary substance, whose proportion is 3%) is dispersed throughout the space and does not form objects of any scale, therefore, dark matter is a typical medium, and it determines the structural stability of galaxy clusters. But what can we say about 70% of the matter of the Universe? It is not matter and dark matter. Physicists were forced to recognize that “the missing 70% are connected to a vacuum energy” [ibid, 221].

Page 99

[98] means Yanchilin’s book (see References)

At the same time, “it remains unclear how the action-at-a-distance machinery is physically realized” [98, p. 139-140]

Page 446


  1. Yanchilin VL. The Quantum Theory of Gravitation. M .: Editorial URSS, 2002.

Download the pages of the book with mentions of Yanchilin’s book (in Russian):

Сухонос Метацивилизация страницы

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