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In 2003, the scientific publishing house USSA published in Moscow Vasily Yanchilin’s book “Uncertainty. Gravitation. Space”. The well-known Russian scientist Simon Shnol wrote a review of this book:

Foreword of the reviewer

I believe this book is a great event in theoretical physics.

Along with the great scientific significance of the book, the book has literary merit – the author sets out the deep problems of theoretical physics simply and clearly. The author possesses a modern mathematical apparatus so much that he presents problems and their solutions for the reader using “normal human language” without cluttering the text with complex formulas.

For the first time in the book the theory of gravitation and quantum mechanics are combined on the basis of Mach’s Principle. It is remarkable that a feasible experiment has been proposed to verify the theory.

The book will have a wide range of readers – students, professors, and curious people of different ages. It will cause discussions and this is very good.

The second edition is better than the first one. A chapter is very relevant where the author formulates the main objections to his theory and gives answers to these objections.

I safely recommend this book for publication.

Professor of the Physical Department of Moscow State University

 Simon E. Shnol

About Professor Simon E. Shnol, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


Simon El’evich Shnol (Russian: Симон Эльевич Шноль; born 21 March 1930 in Moscow) is a biophysicist, and a historian of Soviet science. He is a professor at Physics Department of Moscow State University and a member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. His fields of interest are the oscillatory processes in biology, the theory of evolution, Chronobiology, and the history of science. He has mentored many successful scientists, including Anatoly Zhabotinsky and Fazly Ataullakhanov.


Simon Shnoll was born in Moscow in 1930. His father was Eli Gershevich Shnol, a linguist and philosopher. His mother was Faina Yakovlevna Yudovich, a teacher of Russian language and literature. In 1946, he was enrolled to Moscow State University (MSU). After graduation, he was engaged in developing new methods for using radioactive isotopes in medicine, in the Central Institute for Improvement of Medicine in Moscow, where he worked until 1959. In 1960 he went to work at MSU. Since 1975 he taught as a Professor of Biophysics. Since 1963, he was the head of Laboratory of Physical Biochemistry at the Institute of Biophysics in Pushchino. The first scientific papers were devoted to ATPases and the use of radioactive isotopes in experimental and clinical studies. He is married and has a son, Alexey Kondrashov.

Abstract of the book, Professor’s review, the cover of the book, the back of the book, and the title page:

Abstract of the book:

Yanchilin Vasily Leonidovich

Uncertainty, Gravitation, Space

Moscow: URSS Publishing House, 2003. – 247 p.

In quantum mechanics, concepts such as the “wave Y-function”, “reduction of the wave Y-function”, etc., are difficult to comprehend. Is it possible to explain these concepts simply and understandably to the schoolboy? Is it possible to explain clearly how an indivisible electron manages to pass through two holes simultaneously? It turns out, this is possible. Moreover, we can even draw the way an electron does this. We can also draw the process of reduction of the wave Y-function. You will find all these pictures in this book.

Another purpose of the book is to explain why space-time is curved near a large mass, and thus to reveal the mechanism of gravity.

Reviewer: Professor of Moscow State University, S.E. Schnoll


Professor’s review:

рецензия Шноля

The cover of the book:


The back of the book:

задняя сторона книги

The title page:

Титульный лист


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