Quantum mechanics in terms of set theory

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The article by Maxim G. Godarev-Lozovsky Quantum mechanics in terms of set theory was published in the journal Problems of the Universe Studies (38 (1), 2018, pp. 62-69). The author mentions the concept of discrete movement developed by Vasily Yanchilin.

About the author: Maxim Grigorievich Godarev-Lozovsky is co-chairman of the St. Petersburg Division of the Russian Philosophical Society, E-mail:

About the issue of the journal “Problems of the Universe Study:

Title page

International Club of Scientists

St. Petersburg Department of the Russian Philosophical Society

Series Problems of the Universe Study

Volume 38, Issue 1

Proceedings of Congress-2018

Fundamental problems of natural science

St. Petersburg


Volume 38, Issue 1





Page with a mention of the theory of Vasily Yanchilin:

Page 65

Interpretation of the wave function. In accordance with a similar approach proposed by VL Yanchilin, the microobject simultaneously and repeatedly visits all the coordinates at once, where it is likely to be detected. The frequency of its appearance at each location determines the specific form of the wave function [20, p.102-104].


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Квантовая механика в терминах теории множеств

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