The scientific program of determinism: from Antiquity to the present day

Professor Savchenko and Koveshnikov, Scientists about my discoveries

On June 17-18, 2010, in Lomonosov Moscow State University and in the Educational and Methodological Center of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) the conference Philosophy of Physics: Actual Problems was held. In Section 1, Philosophy and Methodology of Physics, EV. Koveshnikov (Ussuriisk) delivered a report The scientific program of determinism: from Antiquity to the present day. In his speech, he mentioned the theory by Vasily Yanchilin. As a result of the conference, Proceedings of the Conference were published. In this collection, the theory by Yanchilin is discussed on pages 218-219.

Information about the author of the report:

Evgeny Koveshnikov: Assistant of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Teaching Methods.

Information about the conference under the link: http://uc.jinr.ru/msu/info.html

Page 218-219

 “Even nowadays, some scientists, like Einstein, adhere to the statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics and reject the Copenhagen one. They assume that a particle moves along a certain trajectory, but its motion depends on some unknown yet hidden parameters. They hope to introduce these additional parameters into quantum mechanics, so that it will be possible to uniquely predict a motion of a particle. From this viewpoint, there is no objective uncertainty and randomness. We just do not know the meaning of the hidden parameters” [Yanchilin, 2003, p. 93-94].


  1. Yanchilin VL. Uncertainty, gravitation, space. M .: URSS, 2003

Dowload the report in Russian:

Научная программа детерминизма

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