Theoretical multiple vision of the world and reality

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In his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Philosophy (PhD) Theoretical multiple vision of the world and reality, Alexei Sarumov refers to the article and the book of Yanchilin and discusses them.

The supervisor is Professor Valery Savchenko.

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Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Far Eastern Federal University


Sarumov Alexey Andreevich


09.00.08 Philosophy of Science and Technology

Dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Philosophy (PhD)

Scientific adviser: Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor V.N. Savchenko



Pages where Yanchilin’s theory is mentioned:

Page 58

[156] means Yanchilin’s monograph

Thus, in his paper Atom vs. General Relativity, VL Yanchilin noted that “the use of the general theory of relativity in the solution of cosmological questions led to a number of serious inconsistencies in the theory with empirical data. To remove them scientists introduced new hypothetical substances.” [156]

Page 59

[157] means Yanchilin’s monograph

In the monograph Uncertainty, Gravitation, Cosmos [157] VL. Yanchilin considered three problems that show the contradiction of special relativity. First, Einstein tried unsuccessfully to include Mach’s principle in special relativity. For this, he modified the first classical formulation of general relativity. Secondly, Einstein rejected wave-particle duality, believing that “physical theory should not so radically disagree with common sense” [157]. Thirdly, Einstein’s theory of gravity does not take into account the fundamental principle of uncertainty underlying quantum mechanics [42], which consists in the fact that everything in nature is attracted to each other (each particle has wave properties).

  1. Stanishevsky in the article Conceptual contradictions of the special theory of relativity [132] also like VL. Yanchilin and many others proved the contradiction of special relativity.

Page 164


156. Yanchilin, VL. Atom vs. General Relativity [Electronic resource] / VL. Yanchilin. – 2010. – Access mode: http://riastk.com/mi/adetail.php?ID=46522

157. Yanchilin, VL. Uncertainty, gravitation, cosmos / VL. Yanchilin. – М.: Editorial URSS, 2003. – 248 p

Download the thesis pages with a discussion of the theory by Vasily Yanchilin (in Russian):

Сарунов Диссертация

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